8 iunie 2010

Bad Time Management

It all happened this morning…The door bell rings twice, hysterically. I wake-up annoyed and I look at my watch - it’s 6.30 a.m. I open the door and, instead of a real and, let me say, endangered person, I find a sealed envelope with a funny message: This is the first day of the rest of your life. I open the envelope in haste, even if my mind is crowded with thousands of somber possibilities…

Inside, there’s a DVD with a dark red cover. I put it into my computer, even more intrigued than you can imagine. Surprisingly, my laptop is safe; it seems that my antivirus has detected nothing but a 9 minutes .avi film. I play it and watch the images in a complete state of shock. It contains the most significant moments I have lived during the last month. 9 minutes out of one whole month! Only 9... should I be happy or gloomy?

Am I captive in an episode of the most subtle Big Brother ever made? The cameras were everywhere, even in my bathroom! Who should I sue?

The last frame cast some dim light over the whole occurrence. It said: Go out and buy Time Management. The best book of your life. It will help you find a brand new you.

Is this marketing…? Wouldn’t this be amazing? I’ll sue the bastards, this world is not all about publicity!

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